Welcome to Step Flex UK

This website is for residents of the United Kingdom. For other countries please visit our international website.

These highly effective proprioceptive innersoles have been manufactured by Step Forward in USA since 1974. They are available in many countries across the globe. Although they have been available in the UK on and off for the last 10 years or so, 2014 marks the commencement of regular distribution through a dedicated UK company.

If you already own a pair, this website will help you get the maximum benefit, comfort and longevity from your orthotics. If you don't yet wear a pair, we'll tell you more about them, answer your questions and explain how easy it is to be fitted. If you can't find the answers here, feel free to contact us.

The Step Forward Difference

Step Forward Orthotics are the shape of a perfect foot. Your feet will gradually adapt and conform to this correct shape, thus enabling them to work more like nature intended. Step Forward Orthotics flex as you walk, much like walking barefoot on sand, grass, dirt, mud and gravel. You can expect relief from aches and pains caused by poor alignment.sfo-pair



Support 3 main arches = Ideal support & alignment
Align knees, hips & back = Benefit not just the feet
Light & flexible = Comfortable to wear
Typical life 10-15 years = Economical, good value
Swap from shoe to shoe = Only one pair needed
Fit 90% of footwear = No need for new shoes
Increase circulation = Good for diabetics
Strengthen the foot = Long lasting benefits
Used by athletes = Better performance
Non absorbent = No odour
Hypoallergenic = No negative reactions
Made in USA = Quality & reliability

Where To Try Them?

In the UK, Step Forward Orthotics are available for £250 per pair, plus £10 postage and handling.

You can buy a pair of Step Forward Orthotics from us at a show or event, from one of our Clinical Consultants (doctors and therapists) or direct from the  Step Forward team.